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About Istanbul Economy Research

Istanbul Economy Research is a market research and big data analytics company that brings together conventional and digital surveying tools to support you with your research question. We collect and analyze offline and online data through a robust approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods, and classical and innovative research methodologies.

Our team is made up of industry specialists and economists to bring you the latest technology in data collection and its analysis. Our goal is to be your "research partner" that will always be at your disposal, where there is a need for market and public research.

What we do

IER provides its customers both domestic and international and from public and the private sector, with services in the following areas:

  • Household surveys
  • Firm level surveys
  • Economic research
  • Shadow customer
  • Focus groups
  • Social media behavioral analysis (MPTracks®)
  • Online surveys
  • Political surveys   

We collect and analyze offline and online data through a robust approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods, and classical and innovative research methodologies.

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Our Services

Household surveys

Household surveys collect comprehensive and diverse socio-demographic data pertaining to conditions under which people live, helping correct identification of issues and devise tailored solutions.

Firm level surveys

Firm level surveys reveal significant information necessary to devise effective policy advise and designing projects that support private sector growth. IER conducts carefully designed and implemented targeted field firm level surveys, providing you with analytically tractable responses. Our team comprised of economists, academics, and sector specialists ensures meticulous use of scientific, globally benchmarkable research methodologies, and high-quality analysis of survey results within context.

Economic Research

Economic research provides valuable input into the data-based policy development processes of both central and local public administrations. Economic policies differing between regions reveal an urgent need for the correct identification of issues. With its extensive experience in economy policies, our company provides all services from survey design to results analysis and the development of policy proposals.

Shadow Customer

In an intensifying competitive environment, service performance and customer relations are more important than ever. Shadow Customer Surveys give you the opportunity to learn about your customers’ real experiences, enabling you to measure your service performance and customer relationships in the most successful and cost-effective manner. Our research is capable of identifying in a timely manner the weaknesses in your customer relations. This assures you are able to quickly address these issues, offering a key advantage over the competition.

Focus Groups

Focus group is a qualitative research technique that allows you to derive insight from a small, representative sample of your target group through professional moderation. We provide quality solutions to all stages of focus group research processes, with our Consultant Team of sociologists, anthropologists, behavioral scientists, sector specialists and economists.

Online Surveys

We conduct online surveys across Turkey with representative samples produced through MPTracks® smart segmentation. Online surveys allow you to measure your audience’s preferences in a quicker manner and with a larger sample in comparison to conventional research methods. The cost-efficiency of online surveys renders frequent repetition possible. Online surveys can be used to:

  • Engage your audience:Establish a two-way relationship with your target audience by asking their input in real time
  • Listen to your audience: Track closely the changing demands and expectations of your audience, and learn about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create panel data at low costs

Political Surveys

Political surveys reveal valuable insight to the opinions of the society on the dynamics and the rapidly changing agenda of Turkey. Through our vast field experience, dynamic database developed and maintained over the years, and team of specialists, we create the most accurate samples for your research in the shortest time, and provide you with a multi-disciplinary, context-specific analysis of the results. Our large and dynamic database allows you to measure any variable within geographical areas as specific as neighborhoods, as well as age groups, gender, or financial income.


MPTracks® is Istanbul Economy Research’s proprietary software which performs big data analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze data collected from the Internet.

  • Social Listening & Business Intelligence MPTracks® listens to the web and produces periodical reports informing you on the volume, content and direction of all web talk regarding your brand, or any topic you wish to follow across the globe. Social listening allows you to get to know your customers and your competition, and follow the ever-changing expectations and demands of the society.
  • Smart SegmentationMPTracks®, creates smart segments, maps out an in-depth picture of the lifestyle and preferences of your existing audiences, and identifies potential new audiences that are highly likely to be responsive to your products, services or message. Each smart segment is created specially, transparently and in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs in the most precise and effective way possible. MPTracks®’s algorithm is designed to capture patterns that are needed to update and perfect your segment through iteration, resulting in the highest level of accuracy available today.
  • Social Media Behavioral Analysis Our behavioral analysis service provides you with a map of your and your competitor’s target audiences through big data analysis on social media data. It allows you to gain in depth insight on the life style, pain and passion points, interests, opinions and consumption preferences of your audience.

What sets us apart

  • MORE REFINED The most refined segmentation available, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and the latest big data technologies
  • MORE TRANSPARENT Owing to multilayered segmentation, responses from specific types of customers chosen by you are measured more transparently
  • TRACKABLE The advantage of speed and price enables you to follow changes meticulously
  • DYNAMIC A flexible and modifiable segmentation, allowing you to follow the changing social trends and preferences in real-time