PolTrack Series: IER's Policy Analysis Notes

“PolTrack Series Vol. 5 - Post-Election Survey Analysis: Economic Voting”

It’s not always the Economy: Retrospective evaluations prevail

The sharp decline of Turkish Lira against the US dollars and the EURO led quite a number of commentators to expect a decline in the votes for the government and President Erdoğan at the 24th June 2018 twin elections. Erdoğan’s victory, therefore, triggered an intensive debate on the role of the economy in electoral decision making. The post-election polling data of Istanbul Economy Research reveals that while the economy is an important issue, electoral voting decisions remain complex.

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What is PolTrack?

PolTrack Series (Political Analysis Notes) aims to interpret Turkish public opinion on the basis of quantitative data compiled from Istanbul Economics Research’s monthly public opinion survey. The notes are prepared by the analyst team of Istanbul Economics Research, composed of analysts and academics. 

For more detailed results and analysis, please contact our team at info@researchistanbul.com.

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