PolTrack Series: IER's Policy Analysis Notes

“PolTrack Vol. 7 - Foreign Policy: Turkish Public Opinion on Turkey-Russia Relations”

Time to discuss foreign policy

Turkey is on its way to municipal elections to be held on March 31. In the light of the highly competitive and lively campaign period of the last June parliamentary and presidential elections, the local elections are highly anticipated and promise to be an interesting one for a number of reasons. While domestic debate focuses mainly on elections, the foreign affairs of Turkey continue to be marked with important developments and events. President of the United States, Donald Trump declared the decision for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria; The Sochi summit brought President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani together for the fourth time under the Astana Process in February, and most recently European Parliament’s Turkey report, was adopted by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Feb. 20, calling for the suspension of EU accession negotiations with Ankara. 

At Istanbul Economy Research, we considered it a good moment to take a deeper look at public perceptions on foreign policy in this period.

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What is PolTrack?

PolTrack Series (Political Analysis Notes) aims to interpret Turkish public opinion on the basis of quantitative data compiled from Istanbul Economics Research’s monthly public opinion survey. The notes are prepared by the analyst team of Istanbul Economics Research, composed of analysts and academics. 

For more detailed results and analysis, please contact our team at info@researchistanbul.com.

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