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What we do

Special research models are designed that will contribute to your business processes and help you to get to know your target audience better. Different research techniques are used separately or together according to your needs. Research results are analyzed and visualized. The results obtained are turned into solution-oriented concrete suggestions.

Data Collection Methods

CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Türkiye Raporu Mobile Panel

Social Media Targeting

Shadow Customer

Face-to-Face/Digital Focus Groups

Quantitative Services

Consumer Preferences/Behaviors

Voter Preferences/Behaviors

Brand Satisfaction Studies

Company Surveys

Qualitative Services

  • Comprehensive qualitative study
  • Social/political studies
  • Marketing & communication
  • Launch
  • Design thinking (product/service studies)
  • Consumer experience
  • Document / image / text analysis
  • Netnography –> social media (can be also interactive)